Red Parasol by Louise Dahl-Wolfe

Old Photos of American Child Labour

9-year-old Johnnie and the shucking-boss, in Dunbar, Louisiana, March 1911

Michael McNelis, age 8, a newsboy

This photo show garment workers Katrina De Cato (6), Franco Brezoo (11) Maria Attreo (12)
and her sister Mattie Attreo (5) at 4pm, 26th January 1910 in New York City


Dressing in drag 1885-1930

Patrons, many dressed as men in tuxedos, sit, talk, laugh and kiss, at Le Monocle, a famous nightclub for women in Paris.

A stereoscopic card titled "Looking for a Man."

French painter and graphic artist Henri Toulouse-Lautrec dressed in a plumed hat and an ostrich boa over a frock coat.

Two male undergraduates dressed as women are followed by young boys on the Harvard University campus.

Irish students at the University of Dublin during Trinity College Rag Week.

Marguerite Radclyffe Hall, a prizewinning writer whose novel "The Well of Loneliness" was originally 
banned in Britain for its sympathetic approach to female homosexuality, with Lady Una Trowbridge.

Men dressed as women at the Eldorado nightclub in Berlin.

Actor Douglas Byng dressed for the opera.

Celebrated cross-dresser Bert Errol in full drag and makeup.